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Meet the team

Education at the heart of everything we do

Meet the team

With our wealth of experience and knowledge of the education sector, we can provide an unmatched service.




Lisa has accumulated significant experience in the education recruitment sector, and as such fully understands the recruitment needs of schools and candidates alike.

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In response to a clear opportunity in the market, Lisa recognised the need for a bespoke recruitment agency that is responsive to the unique needs of the education sector. ASQ Education was subsequently established in 2005.

Today Lisa ensures the smooth running of the business, while leading and inspiring an enthusiastic, talented team of education consultants. Lisa also shapes the direction of the company, which continues to be an ever increasing success, and maintains its position as a leading recruitment agency in the education sector.

Outside of work Lisa spends time visiting different countries with friends and family, with India and Malaysia being two of her most memorable trips.

If life isn’t busy enough for Lisa running a thriving agency, when she isn’t working, she is also mum to two beautiful young boys, and enjoys an equally busy family life.


Richard Scott

Education Consultant (Primary)

With an established career history in the education sector, and a former teacher himself, Richard recognises the importance of recruiting the right teacher for the right role.

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Richard is the primary school specialist at ASQ Education, and ever the early bird, is at his desk by 7 am to offer support and advice to all clients.

His interest in education extends beyond the office, and Richard has combined his love of drama and education to entertain children by recording tales for a storytelling company which publishes a treasure-trove of audio stories.

Always keen to beat his personal best, Richard runs a marathon every year which sees him compete in a number of countries. He is also a dedicated football fan and is a life-long supporter of Nottingham Forest.


Jessica Maldini

Education Consultant (SEN Secondary)

Jessica began her career in the education sector in an early years setting working with children in Montessori schools and nurseries.

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She has also worked alongside young people with special educational needs, and in recent years has accumulated considerable experience in recruitment.

Jessica therefore has an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements in the field of SEN recruitment, and is ideally placed to ensure the skills of our candidates are aligned with the most appropriate schools.

In addition to her role with ASQ Education, Jessica periodically provides one-to-one support for young people, and respite care for parents of children with learning difficulties.

Out of office hours, Mr Darcy, Jessica’s new kitten, keeps her on her toes with his mischievous antics!


Tammara Cowell

Education Consultant (Primary)

For those of you who fall into the primary education group, whether as a candidate or a school, Tammara will be looking after you.Tammara works with a number of outer London and fringe schools, taking her time to ensure she gets to know people, having their best interests at heart.

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Tammara has previously worked in the education sector, and has very fond memories of her time as a teaching assistant for 4 ½ years in a private school in London, before then moving onto become a nanny.  She knows how rewarding the world of education is, equally Tammara has an understanding of the challenges; equipping her with good insight and perspective from both the school and candidate side.

Animal-lover Tammara has two loveable dogs, a French Bulldog and a Pug, which are a beautiful distraction for her outside of work.  If she could have her own zoo she would, but in the meantime she likes the idea of one day having a pet peacock as company!

As a self-confessed bookworm, in Tammara’s ideal world she would be relaxing by a pool on holiday reading a romance novel!


Rita Bury

Payroll Administrator

Rita works behind the scenes at ASQ Education and is responsible for the payroll area. Rita ensures the paperwork side of the business is all in order, and generally keeps the office in tip top shape.

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Rita enjoys keeping fit and healthy which means she is a regular face at her local gym. As so many of us do, Rita also loves to travel, and spend quality time with her beautiful children.

Jacqui O'Neill

Compliance Administrator

Following her graduation from University, and upon entering the workplace, Jacqui spent her first years building a career in the recruitment sector. Today, Jacqui ensures that the high standards, for which ASQ is renowned, are maintained.

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This involves completing background checks and verifications on all candidates before they are granted the green light and recommended for suitable roles at our partner schools.

Pursuing one of the most popular life-time goals, Jacqui is focussing her creative efforts into writing her first book; a teen crime novel. Currently adding the final touches to the book, the next step for Jacqui is to tackle the complex world of publishing, and ultimately to fulfil the dream of launching her first book.

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Our mission is 'To provide our candidates and clients with the highest levels of customer service while continually adding value in what we do'

Sarah Cross

After being terrified about doing daily supply I joined 5 agencies but only worked with ASQ. They listened to exactly what work I wanted and allowed me to start slowly so I could gain confidence. After a month I was working full-time in great schools, one of which ended up in a job. Would definitely recommend this agency and their social events are a lot of fun too!

Primary Teacher

Kelly Mitchell

My experience with ASQ Education has been nothing but positive. I registered from New Zealand and by the time I arrived in London I had my registration meeting planned, as well as two job interviews. My consultant took the time to help me improve my C.V and listened to what schools I would be interested in working in. I am now working full-time in a long term position and am very grateful to ASQ for helping me make this happen.

Secondary Teacher

Fenella Walker

When I started with ASQ, I had been working in schools in London for a few years. I loved my work but had decided to move into secondary and had a particular field in mind. ASQ were the first agency to take on board the type of school I really wanted to work in and found me the perfect match incredibly quickly, which I was really impressed with. Since then, they have been very supportive, professional and always had my best interests in mind! I mainly dealt with Jo Bennett, who was fantastic. After all the agencies I’ve worked with, and hearing stories from colleagues and friends, I will be highly recommending anyone to join!

Behaviour Support Worker

Michael Buck

I have really enjoyed working for ASQ. I have worked with Richard who has found me loads of work (I have only had one day where there was no work). He has been extremely friendly and personable. He has never tried to force work on me and if I didn’t like a school he has taken that into consideration when finding me daily supply.

All the schools I have been to have been friendly and well resourced and planning has been left and clear. I have returned me many of these schools and have really enjoyed teaching at them.

Primary Teacher

Michael Coutts

I have been with ASQ for only three months and already had more days through them than other agencies I have been with for seven months.

The registration process was very easy and straight forward. My file was also processed very quickly so they could get me out as soon as possible. The pay is very good and I have been sent to a variety of schools in London. It’s fantastic how they send you to schools within a manageable travelling distance and let you know the ins and outs of the school before you arrive so you know what to expect. You don’t feel like just a number and they treat you with great respect. Socially, they organise great functions where you have the opportunity to meet like minded people, staff and share teaching and other experiences.

Secondary Teacher)

Heidi Coleman

I have kept coming back to ASQ over the last 3 years because I LOVE them. I cannot fault their service. Richard Scott is absolutely the best consultant I have ever come across. I love the text communication which makes everything so much easier. Unlike other agencies if you’re offered work they keep it for you until you get back to them.There’s no fighting with others to be the first to call in.

ASQ’s service is completely tailored to your wants and needs. I’ve never felt pressurised to do anything I haven’t wanted to do and they regularly provide you with feedback from the schools you’ve been to. I am very fussy about what and where I teach, despite that I still always get enough work.

Their team is a lot smaller than in some agencies so you get to know your consultants and they actually remember who you are, where you like to go and your availability. They also have regular meet-ups so you build up a good network with other supply teachers too.

Primary Teacher

Luke Russell

ASQ Education is the best teaching agency I have found in London. They have been friendly, honest and reliable. I have enjoyed great rates of pay in some amazing schools. I really like the personalised service I get from ASQ which is not available in other, bigger teaching agencies. They are easy to communicate with, professional and consistent. I would undoubtedly recommend this agency to anyone looking to start supply teaching in London, or to those who are looking for an agency that really are a cut above the rest.

Secondary Teacher

Dianne O’Conner

I was in contact with various agencies before deciding to go with ASQ, I felt there was a genuine and friendly professional approach from the consultants. I dealt mainly with Jo who was brilliant, she really looked out me and linked me up with work that suited what I was looking for. There was no fee for the CRB which is a real plus when your waiting to start work! Overall after a year never had one complaint or felt the need to change. Any reservations I had about work/certain jobs was listened and responded too. Throw really good social evenings too! would definitely would recommend to friends.

Learning Support Assistant


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